Plate 6m+ Blue

LBP 67,500

Product description and more details below


Twistshake’s children's plate is designed to give your child a safe, comfortable meal at the table.  The underside is made of an anti-slip material that helps to keep your child's plate in place. Each plate comes with a smart lid - perfect for when your child leaves food on the plate that needs to be stored conveniently in the fridge. Or when you want to use the plate to take food with you on your journey! 

Suitable for children starting 6 months
BPA free - a safe product for you and your child
High quality material - silicone and PP and TPE plastic
Click-mat - all Twistshake plates fit Twistshake’s Click-mat (works like a plate with suction cup) - sold separately 
Stackable - Click function TwistClick for stable storage
Safe for microwave and dishwasher on upper rack