6-in-1 Baby Food Processor White

LBP 1,792,000

Product description and more details below


Twistshake’s food processor is the perfect tool that will quickly replace all the other appliances in your kitchen. This machine can do anything you want when it comes to making food for your children and family.

Easy to understand and use
Easy to clean
You can prepare different dishes at the same time!
Easy to set the right and even temperature for each purpose
Easy to mix, heat, steam and sterilize food and utensils


Steam – Steam cook your choice of foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat and more
Thermal function – Keep bottles and baby food warm and at the right temperature for a certain amount of time
Sterilise – Keep bottles and even teats or dummies clean and hygienic
Reheat – Heat bottles of breast milk or formula or other leftovers to the correct and safe temperature before serving. Can even be used for thawing
Blend – Blend your favourite ingredients into a fresh purée or a tasty smoothie
Clean – A self-cleaning function for the whole machine