Mummy Costume with Pants


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Brand: Great Pretenders are a small but dynamic group of people (and an occasional dog or two!) They have designers with a love of children, fantasy and fabric. Talented cutters and sewers who bring designs to life. All their dress up designs are made in house and manufacture over 80 of their products at their manufacturing facility in Canada.

Item: Is that a mmm...mmmm... mummy?!?! Awaken from your grave in this deadly mummy costume from Great Pretenders. This spooky mummy costume with pants is made with rips that do not show skin to keep your child warm on Halloween night. This custom fabric features strips and stresses for a spook-tacular mummy that is sure to impress. The mummy costume includes a great headpiece for the icing on the cake. The fabric is all lined for modesty and durability.