Small House Cushion Light Blue Check


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Brand: Camomile london believes in simple, functional, beautiful spaces. Creating a calm and inviting environment for rest, play and modern living, with uncompromised quality and detail.  The London based brand was created by Mother and daughter design team Helen and Daniela Boleto, who to date, individually and collectively have enjoyed well-established careers in fashion. Camomile London was born out of their combined vision, experience, passion and creative intuition.

Item: Small house cushion in Light Blue and Coco Check with a Stone roof. This House cushions bring you into the Camomile london world of play and sleep. Softly padded and made from cotton. They have hand machine embroidered windows and doors sewn individually with a hand quilted roof.

Dimensions: 38 x 24 cm

Materials: Shell:  100% Soft Cotton/Inner wadding: 100% Polyester, non-allergic, Flame resistant.

Care Instructions: Dry clean only