I'm Learning How To Count Peacock


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How can number-learning be made fun and aesthetically-pleasing? With this beautiful educational toy with sparkling colors and a refined look! This pretty peacock will allow children aged 2 years and up to familiarize with numbers 1 through 10 and then begin making associations to advance their learning, little by little. The principle? Each of the 10 feathers on this wooden peacock can be removed. Your child will therefore be able to start by reconstructing the sequence from 1 to 10, by correctly repositioning all this beautiful bird’s feathers. The next step involves using the rotating base which will stop randomly on a number. It is then up to the little ones to find the correct feather! Clever design: the numbers are written in dots on the back of each feather, to make counting and simple additions easier, etc.! This is a complete, evolving game that will allow children to memories, manipulate and learn to count! It will also be look great as a decoration in a child's room.

Age: 2 years +

Dimensions : 26 x 13.4 x 20.7 cm

Material : Wood (cherry wood)

Made in France