TARA House Washed Natural


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Introducing 'Tara,' the enchanting dollhouse by 'La Petite Maison,' a testament to the dedication and passion of founder Carole Chamoun, inspired by her own daughter.


'Tara' is not just a dollhouse; it's a masterpiece of limited quantity, meticulously handcrafted by talented Lebanese artisans. This exclusive design features three floors, each lavishly furnished with curated furniture; a fully equipped kitchen, a cozy living area, a dreamy bedroom, and a delightful bathroom.


'Tara' invites children to embark on a journey of imaginative exploration, fostering creativity and storytelling within the confines of its wooden walls. By acquiring 'Tara,' you not only celebrate the beauty of Lebanese craftsmanship but also acquire a unique piece of art that embodies the essence of 'Ma Petite Maison's' commitment to enhancing creative play and encouraging children to build their dream world.


Dimensions : 60 x 45 x 23 cm