Le Coquelicot - Islalndic Poppies /Grands Stickers


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The great thing about wall decals is that anything is possible!

The sheets of stickers are designed to provide you with all the necessary elements to create a complete composition. Usually, you need several products to make your decoration. Here, one sheet of stickers is enough to achieve a beautiful result. Depending on the size of the sheet, your composition will be larger or smaller.

With just one sheet of stickers, you can completely change the atmosphere of the room!

Easy to apply on a smooth and clean surface, larger stickers best with 2 places for the best result. Easy to remove afterwards without traces. The wall sticker set comes with step-by-step instructions. Do not place the stickers near a radiator or any other heat source.

Dimensions: 64 x 130 cm

Material: matte vinyl

Origin: Produced in France