Kid Cup 12m+ Pink


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Twistshake's sippy cup, Kid Cup, is the perfect mug for the toddler with an active lifestyle. It resembles a sports bottle with its round spout centred on the top and has a built-in no-spill silicone seal that prevents spills and stains. A must for every parent who wants an easier day during the busy toddler years! For a free flow and to clean, simply remove the silicone seal. The seals can also be purchased separately under our Accessories.

Suitable starting 12 months
BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child
FruitSplash - smart fruit mixer that crushes the fruit with water when you shake the sippy cup, creating a nutritious drink
Hard plastic - made of PP and TPE plastic for optimum durability
Ergonomic design - extra wide bottleneck for easy cleaning and filling
Protective cap - protects the contents and spout from bacteria, dust and dirt
Cleaning - Dishwasher safe